History of the visitor center’s building

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History of the visitor center’s building

The Horse-Stable and barracks comprised 12 buildings and their annexes by 1907. The main building housed the offices, the crew quarters and the 4-5 officers’ and non-commissioned officers’ quarters. To the south of the main building on Igmándi street was the non-commissioned officers’ mess and to the north the command building (officers’ quarters).

Four stables, a sick-horse stable and a horseshoe workshop were also part of the establishment.

The Horse-Stable contributed to the social life of Komárom.

Large-scale Hubertus rides were organised in the autumn season, and breeding fairs and exhibitions were held in the spring.
The Horse-Stable was closed down in 1961.

Its territory was taken over by the Komárom State Farm in 1962. Its headquarter was housed in the main building of the Komárom Horse-Stable. In time, the former officers’ quarter was used as the Chestnut Pre-School and the non-commissioned officers’ canteen was privately owned. The other buildings were demolished in 1970 and 1972 when modern housing was built. The farm was awarded the title of Outstanding Enterprise on several occasions, and in 1984 was awarded the title of Agricultural Kombinat.

It was converted into a public limited company in 1993 and sold in 2004. The new owner vacated the office building at 38 Igmándi street Komárom.
The exhibition is made up of relics of former commanders, managers, directors and workers.


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