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Art of György Rauscher

György Rauscher was born in Dorog in 1902.
They moved to Komárom in 1903, where his father was appointed chief medical officer.
György Rauscher began his painting studies at the Benedictine grammar school in Komárom as the student of Károly Harmos. He later studied in Vienna and continued his studies in Budapest. He also lived in Paris and Berlin, where he enjoyed successive artistic successes, especially in Berlin’s elite film circles.
The artist, who had been exhibiting regularly since 1923, died in 1930 and is buried in the Jewish cemetery in North Komárom.

His art was characterized by a new objectivity from 1925, and by the Art Deco style from 1928, when he painted the “gallants” of the time: shopping, sightseeing, strolling aristocrats, wealthy citizens and celebrities of the time.

The 10 originals and 13 reproductions (made between 1928 and 1930) of his works on display in the exhibition were bequeathed to the György Klapka Museum of Komárom by his brother László Rauscher, who died in 1997.


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